Nubian Village

Nubian Day Tour in Aswan is a day tour to a Nubian Village to explore how the Nubian Lives and the Nubian Culture.

Nubians live in houses painted with bright colors. Traditionally, the floor was made of sand and not all the rooms were roofed. Protection against rain is not a priority since Aswan is one of the driest places in the world. Nubians are friendly and hospitable. They often invite you to their homes for a cup of tea or “Karkade”, a drink made of hibiscus flowers. Many would happily show you their handicrafts. They sometimes invite you to taste their unique “Shamsi” bread which has a special baking technique. The bakers, usually the women of the village, let the dough rise in the sun before baking it. Some connoisseurs claim that the “Shamsi” bread is one of the best kinds of bread in the world.

Our Guide will take you later to see the Mosque and the School of the Village then go to visit their fields to know the type of Fruits and Vegetables they grow.

And then back to your motor boat to transfer you back to your hotel or Nile Cruise.


  From 1 To 2 pax From 3 up to 8 pax
Prices 40 $ 55 $


Note : the above prices as usual is not per person means if you are three up to eight  you all will pay 55 $ together .