Hot Air Balloon

It is amazing to discover Luxor from the Air so to book the hot air balloon trip will give you unexpected pleasure, here are some photos say more than any words!


Wake up will be before sunrise a rep from the balloon company will meet you at your hotel to pick you up to a motor boat across the river Nile.

Another car will wait for you at the west bank to bring you to the balloons (1 balloon is for 20 to 25 people.).

The ride is for minimum 45 Minutes may be more not less, if you are lucky the wind sometimes take the balloon to the east bank that means you will cross the river Nile in the balloon which is amazing!

Once you finish your trip and the balloon did land you will find the same rep and the same car and you will be brought back o your hotel.

The price

95 $ per person (Including the ride and all transfers by car and by motor boat)

45 $ per child (6 to 12)