Dendera & Abydos Tour

Abydos Temple

Abydos was the epicenter for the pharaoh’s cult worship of Osiris and became the most important burial center in ancient Egypt. Here Seti I raised a glorious temple dedicated to Osiris and pantheon of other gods that remains a beautiful and unique central point to this necropolis. For travelers interested in the artistry of the Pharaonic period , the temple of Seti I is colorful wall and ceiling paintings and sculpted column work are a highlight of any Nile temple itinerary and shouldn’t be missed .

It is about 170 Km North of Luxor so we recommend to start early morning between 6 to 8 am joining your tour guide spending about two hours in Abydos then drive back to Dendera Temple.

Dendera Temple of Hathor

 The temple of Dendera is one of the best – preserved temples in Egypt. It is known as the “Castle of the Sistrum” or “Pr Hathor”.

Hathor was the goddess of love, joy and Beauty.

The Temple of Hathor is the largest and most impressive buildings in this religious complex, and is visually stunning with its grand entrance, detailed carvings, hieroglyphs, and decorated ceilings.

The city of Dendera is located on the west bank of the Nile, about 60 km ( miles) to the north of Luxor, in the 6th Nome of Upper Egypt. The Dendera Temple Complex is situated around 2.5 km  to the southeast of this city.

Dendera is said to mark an old holy place, even by the standards of the ancient Egyptians. It has been pointed out that there is evidence for religious structures built at the site during the reign of the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Pepi I (towards the end of the 3rd millennium BC). There are also remnants of a temple that was built during the New Kingdom, specifically the 18th Dynasty. The current complex, including the Temple of Hathor, however, dates to the Ptolemaic and Roman periods, with (at least) one building dating to the Late Period. This is the mammisi (birth house) of Nectanebo II, the last native ruler of ancient Egypt who ruled during the 4th century BC.


Start Early morning (6 or 7) your tour guide will escort you from the hotel till the end of the day. drive to the temple of Abydos which is about 170 km north of Luxor the drive will take approx two hours from Luxor to Abydos you will spend about two hours inside the temple then the driver will drive back to Dendera which is 60 km from Luxor, spending about two hour inside then drive back to your hotel in Luxor.

(Also you can start by Dendera Temple then drive north to Abydos )

Excursion Included:

Pick up services from your in Luxor and return
All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle
Private Egyptologist guide escorting you all the day (Eng – Fr – Ger – It or Sp)
Mineral water on board the vehicle during the tour

Excursion Excluded:

  • Entrance fees to the sites.


Entrance fees for all sites accepted just in Egyptian pounds

Tickets are: Abydos 100 EGP and Dendera 120 EGP

  • Tipping for the driver and the guide (and it is up to you, No Pushing at all).
  • Any extras not mentioned in the program

Advice: It is a long day tour starts early morning end around 18.00 pm so we advice to bring something for the lunch such a (Lunch box, Fruits or Snacks).

Duration: Approximately 11 Hours.

Pick-up Time: You can start from 6:00 am to 8:00 am.

Trip runs: Everyday



car (1 to 2 persons) plus driver and guide


(3 to 9 persons) plus driver and guide

Prices 130 $ 150 $


Second Option for visiting only Dendera

  • For Guests who are not ready for the long drive they can choose to do only Dendera Temple (60 km north of Luxor) and the duration will be approx 5 hours.
  • price will be :



car (1 to 2 persons) plus driver and guide


(1 to 9 persons) plus driver and guide

Prices 100 $ 120 $