City Tour

Calèches, or horse-drawn carriages, in Luxor are common on the east bank. And to do a City tour by a horse carriage in Luxor is something very especial,

Delightful way to see the city, especially at night-time. And discover the life, markets and streets of the public that you will not be able to see in the tourist routes.


One Horse Carriages valid for Three persons and if you have one or two kids you can join together in one Calèche.

Once you are interested to do this tour just tell our rep or guide then we can arrange one of Caleches drivers who we know them perfectly and our Rep will also escort you during the tour.

It will take approx one hour to two hours.


25 $ for one Caleche


You like to do a Caleche ride on your own  it is easy cause wherever you go you will find them around the hotels , Cornish street and even around the temples,  They will even drive beside you as you walk down the road, trying to persuade you to buy a ride. They will offer to take you to the market and give the impression that it is a special market or that the market is only open that day (the main big market is open every day, all day).


Be Careful!!!

If you decide to do these tours by yourself cause some of the hors Caleshes drivers are not honest and clear with the prices?


The start with a price you will find it so cheap comparing to our price or any others But when you finish you will find something completely different.

So …

This is the only tour we usually recommend not to do on your own.