Komombo Temple discovery

During excavation works carried out at the north-western area of Komombo temple as part of a project to decrease the subterranean water, the Egyptian mission stumbled upon a limestone block engraved with hieroglyphic inscription.
Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities announces. He explains that early studies carried out on the block reveal that it belongs to the reign of Greek Emperor Philip Erhadius, the step brother of Alexander the Great who succeeded his brother to the throne.
The block is 83 cm tall, 55 cm large and 32 cm thick. The inscription engraved on it shows the cartouche of Emperor Philip and prayer for the crocodile god sobek of Komombo. The upper part of the block depicts goddess Nekhbet and its lower part bears king Philip while wearing the red crown of lower Egypt.