Abu Simbel

Enjoy a full-day exploring the temples of Abu Simbel, one of the greatest attractions in Egypt a

Half Day West Bank

Half Day West Bank
Start your half day tour to the amazing west bank of Luxor where y

Full Day Aswan

 (Philae Temple, Unfinished Obelisk and High Dam)

Start your full

Luxor View

Save your money and pay for the service.
        This is the idea of ​​Luxor View.
        Come and discover it yourself.

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Who Are We?

We are a group of Egyptians aged between 30 and 40 all from Luxor & Aswan work in tourism field for more than ten years in different travel agencies mainly in Luxor and Aswan, And because of the low number of tourists coming to Egypt in recent years which has made many major tourist companies temporarily suspended in Egypt. So many friends (who had seen our services before) advised us to activate and encourage tourists to come to Egypt by establishing an e-tourism site focus on Luxor and Aswan where we can offer a high level of quality with a moderate budget.



By offering the service (such a car, a guide ) not per person so it does not matter you are one or two cause we offer you the price of limousine and guide then you can share the price with your partner .also if you are three up to ten we do offer a microbus and a guide then you can share.


  • You will pay for service not per person.
  • (No Package At all) means choose what you like to visit.
  • You will not pay anything for all tours before you come Except for the Nile cruises reservation we will ask you to pay 10 % because we need to pay for the cruise to confirm.
  • Taxes or any other fees for permissions to move between Luxor and Aswan or to the red see are included.
  • All vehicles (Limousine or Micro bus) are with Air condition and stocked with all necessary safety equipment.
  • All Reps, Guides and Drivers are licensed and professional.

When you arrive and once you meet our tour coordinator in Luxor or Aswan you can ask if you want for an Egyptian line to use it during your stay in Egypt for free and at the end of our service easily bring it back to our rep. We do provide this service to make our guests in touch with our customer service team in case any problem may happen.